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Error During Conversion To Alternative Units Of Measure Sap


SAP and the SAP logo are registered trademarks of SAP SE. Case 1B: Product units of measure with less than 3 rounding decimal places Definition: N = Rounding decimal places Base unit of measure - Rounding decimal places Product unit of measureThe Almost 250 million tickets are booked via IRCTC annually. FT: Correct qty 250.000 JT"How to resolve this ..? , gurus if possible can you let me know which feild this message is checking prior to posting.RegardsMascot Manish Maurya March 31, this content

It is interesting to know that there are more than 6000 stations and almost 20 million passengers travel daily through trains. In any case, the numerator and denominator as a result of a continued fraction development do not have the same factors. Global SCM project implementation Team Lead. SAP Certified SCM Solution 5.0. https://scn.sap.com/thread/1925027

Error During Conversion To Alternative Units Of Measure Sap

MM ESM Procurement of Planned Services Colleagues, I have a question about MM-ESM, I have read the documentation but am confounded in my effort to get clarity. Diagnosis An error occurred during conversion of the quantity stored to alternative units of measure or vice versa: the quantity stored could not be converted to an alternative unit of measure ppnath replied Mar 14, 2013 Check your alternative unit of measure. All rights reserved.

  1. From this follows 145161 M2 = 1562500 FT2.
  2. In Material Master,weight unit is defined as KG.
  3. In additon, there are more conversion factors that are displayable as five-digit fraction, however they do not fulfill these conditions.
  4. A unit of measurement family can be used unrestrictedly, for example to limit the selectable physical alternative units of measure during the use of the variant configuration.
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  6. The conversion factor must not have more than this number of decimal places because otherwise, the one-to-one is no longer ensured during the conversion of PCS into the base unit of
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  8. skip to main | skip to sidebar SAP SCM APO SNC Monday, June 21, 2010 Note 362932 - Conversion with proportion/product units SummarySymptomThere are rounding problems when using product units of
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a) Characteristic for saving the conversion factor The conversion factor between a batch-specific material unit of measure and the base unit of measure is saved as a valuation of a characteristic f) The definition of the conversion factor is converted as a relationship from the base unit of measure for product unit of measure or vice versa. This must occur in relation to the the classification. As a result, these functions return a divisor-foreign quotient which corresponds to the original conversion factor as exactly as possible.

The resulting conversion factor is: 5/3 KG/PCS The quotient of the conversion factor is defined such that the numerator of the quantity in the base unit of measure corresponds to the c) Choosing the base unit of measure When choosing the base unit of measure, you should take the following into account: If the base unit of measure is selected too small, Production unit not maintained in mat.master 022 The entry quantity is overwritten by the quantity in production unit 023 Qty conversion not possible. Automatic Replenishment Order Conversion Hi We have a store - DC replenishment process.

This could include issues you have found that cause the messages to appear incorrectly as well as any fixes you have found or relevant SAP OSS notes. The conversion factor is saved as a finite decimal fraction with a maximum of 15 digits (places before and after the decimal point). If the one-to-one is not given, the system will issue message XU056. In the following, this conversion ratio will be specified as "Increment".

However, when the MM team attempts to move... Therefore, calculated numeric values which are used in the dependency for further calculations (e.g. Error During Conversion To Alternative Units Of Measure Sap In the quantity conversion environment, the criterion for a termination is the maximum number of places for numerator and denominator. for calculating a conversion factor) must be rounded explicitly to the format defined in the characteristic in the dependency!In this connection, please also refer to Note 399308 which describes this subject

A factor of 1.33333333333334E+00 KG/M2 results in the standard exponential display. This can be achieved if a product unit of measure TPC (one thousand pieces) is defined with 1 rounding decimal place. Register Name User Login Email Address Password Select your area of Intrest EHS ( Environment, Health, and Safety Management ) A&D (Aerospace & Defense) ABAP About SAP Android Announcement of Legal This effect is caused because the stock is exclusively managed in base units of measure, quantity fields with finite decimal places are saved and if the alternative unit of measure is

If the continued fraction development results in an approached decimal fraction, this decimal fraction is generally cyclic and can therefore not be represented with finite number of places. Batch-specific material units of measure can be proportional or product units of measure. Regarding "one-to-one" and on the general calculation of the increment also refer to section 2.e. have a peek at these guys In other words: The representation of quantities from PCS to BOX and back to PCS is not unique for quantities that are not multiples of the increment.

You can also get... Therefore, the quotient here is also 5/3: the numerator is 5 and the denominator is 3. General Material Data Fill RESBD Structure from EBP Component Structure This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

Note 1076350 - Only read fixed pegging in LiveCach...

and 43.). Sign up for STechies Add your Answer... You define the conversion factor with "Calculation basis- from proportion/product unit of measure" as follows as a fraction: Conversion factor = Base unit of measure / Product unit of measure With For the conversion with non-metric units refer to Note 23771.

Some components may not be visible. For materials with product units of measure, a verification of the posted quantities is carried out:For 3 rounding decimal places, the one-to-one of the conversion of the quantity is checked in a diff. http://invictanetworks.net/error-during/error-during-cms-conversion-could-not-create-transform.html b) What does the accuracy of the conversion depend on?

Information used on this site is at your own risk. Material Master, Unit of Measure, Batch Control How do I go about creating two different units of measure/container sizes for one material number? product quantities 122471 - Conversion of unit of measure for goods movements 77525 - Quantity unit conversion in inventory management 23771 - Quantity conversion with non-metric units Posted by Hai Zeng for Enhanced Workflows in Both Companies.With complete focus on managing customer relations and business operations with the aid of the best technological inputs, SAP (Systems Applications and Products) serves as one

You use batch-specific units of measure if the conversion ratio of the unit of measure into the base unit of measure can be different for different batches of a material. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. It has a global... Alternative Unit of Measure - the Error Code XU001 YASON asked Mar 13, 2013 | Replies (1) The error code XU001 - Error during conversion to alternative units of measure -

SCM System Solution Architect. If the base unit of measure shall be a dimensionless unit (a packing unit such as piece, box, and so on), you must select the smallest of the dimensionless units of Unit of issue is classified with the value 0 016 The entry quantity is overwritten by the quantity in unit of issue 017 & is &. In general, decimal conversion factors can be transferred exactly to quotients by means of a continued fraction development (this applies to finite and periodic decimal fractions only, while as a rule

carried out for at least one alternativeUoM at mat.plan.val. 030 Character. Toolbox.com is not affiliated with or endorsed by any company listed at this site.