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Error During Redisplay Void-function Mode-line-mode-name


This will automatically pick a highlight face for you instead of you having to select it. New function ``add-face-text-property``, which can be used to conveniently prepend/append new face properties. Try the package I mentioned and see if it works for you. Reload to refresh your session. have a peek at these guys

Directory-local variables are ignored if this is nil. More specifically, the redisplay does not bother to check for a frame-local value when looking up variables. letf is now just an alias for cl-letf.CUA modeCUA mode now uses ``delete-selection-mode`` and ``shift-select-mode``. Reload to refresh your session.

Error During Redisplay Void-function Mode-line-mode-name

Word search now matches whitespace at the beginning/end of the search string if it contains leading/trailing whitespace. Interestingly enough, this doesn't happen if ;; you don't byte-compile cc-mode.I think if you put (require ‘cc-mode) in your .emacs, or possibly at the top of csharp-mode.el, it may solve this You can disable ``transient-mark-mode`` to get the same result.

  • New package filenotify.el provides an interface for file system notifications.
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  • Its third arg now accepts values specifying a face spec type (defface, custom, or override spec), and the relevant spec is set accordingly.
  • As you can see here in my second code block I call powerline-center-theme and that's all...

but the colors don't look as nice they do in the current master branch, despite me the daemon functionality working. Appears to be abandonware. This is really handy. i can try to repro once I know your emacs version, you may also help me find the error by editing the powerline-default-theme and seeing if commenting some lines changes anything.

vincentjgoh commented Aug 14, 2015 I still had the same problem when I upgraded to 20150628.1957. We now recognize and better indent continuations in array comprehensions. For large buffers this can cause a delay in opening a file, of several seconds. this website I’ve bound it (arbitrarily) to C-c C-z.Here’s the relevant section from my .emacs:(defun insert-doc-comment-skeleton (tagname arg) (c-indent-command) (insert (format "/// <%s" tagname)) (if arg (insert (format " name=\"%s\"" arg))) (insert ">")

When its arg ADJACENT is non-nil (when called interactively with C-u C-u) it works like the utility ``uniq``. You can customize this to specify a function that provides a default value from the regexp last history element, or from the symbol found at point.This is great news for package Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. You will get an error (error ;; "`c-lang-defconst' must be used in a file") which happens because ;; cc-mode doesn't think it is in a buffer while loading directly ;; from

New ``electric-indent-mode`` integration.Search and ReplaceNew global command ``M-s .`` (``isearch-forward-symbol-at-point``) starts a symbol (identifier) incremental search forward with the symbol found near point added to the search string initially.About time. my company A lot of stuff (colors, retrieving previous commands) just doesn't really work as expected. Error During Redisplay Void-function Mode-line-mode-name If still a problem, raise the issue on the googlecode repository. Additional options ``desktop-restore-in-current-display``, ``desktop-restore-reuses-frames`` and ``desktop-restore-forces-onscreen`` offer further customization.This is no doubt the end goal for adding frameset marshalling to Emacs - so desktop, et al.

See the node “Interlocking” in the Emacs User Manual for the details. http://invictanetworks.net/error-during/error-during-redisplay-wrong-type-argument-stringp-nil.html Customize ``ns-use-native-fullscreen`` to change style. New option ``calendar-day-header-array``. object-name -> eieio-object-name object-class -> eieio-object-class object-class-fast -> eieio–object-class object-name-string -> eieio-object-name-string object-num-slots -> eieio–object-num-slots object-set-name-string -> eieio-object-set-name-string class-parent -> eieio-class-parent class-parents -> eieio-class-parents class-children -> eieio-class-children class-num-slots -> eieio–class-num-slots class-precedence-list

Isearch is great and all but this was a missing step. The few hooks that used with-wrapper-hook are replaced as follows: ``abbrev-expand-function`` obsoletes ``abbrev-expand-functions``. ``completion-in-region-function`` obsoletes ``completion-in-region-functions``. ``filter-buffer-substring-function`` obsoletes ``filter-buffer-substring-functions``. ``byte-compile-interactive-only-functions`` is now obsolete. It was actually fixed before that. check my blog The return value of ``backup-buffer`` has changed.

This bug will likely fix itself once I fix the whole theming system to use proper themes. It has been replaced by the symbol property ’interactive-only. ``split-string`` now takes an optional argument TRIM. You can pick the name of the function and the variables with ``C-x 4 a``.If you use sh-mode and ChangeLog files, this is for you.The SMIE indentation engine is now used

I’ve only converted the NEWS file but not reorganized it; some changes appear under the wrong headings in the NEWS file.

As a command, it was a special case of ``C-x 2`` (``split-window-below``), and as such superfluous. How common is it to have a demo at a doctoral thesis defence session? Cheers Owner Malabarba commented May 13, 2014 The idea of the workaround is to load the package itself (not just the theme) in after-make-frame-functions: (add-to-list 'after-make-frame-functions (lambda (&optional x) (require 'smart-mode-line) New functions ``display-monitor-attributes-list`` and ``frame-monitor-attributes`` can be used to obtain information about each physical monitor on multi-monitor setups.Interesting that Emacs has added support for multiple monitors.

terminal.el is obsolete; use term.el instead. The ssh option “ControlMaster=auto” is set automatically in all ssh-based methods, when possible. Include directories now support out-of-tree build directories and target architecture auto-detection.SemanticImproved detection of used namespaces in current scope in C++. news Add more Ruby file types to ``auto-mode-alist``.

See these threads on sourceforge [1], [2] for more info. In fact, it was designed as a replacement for \*scratch\* buffer and can be used that way by setting ``initial-buffer-choice`` to ``remember-notes`` and ``remember-notes-buffer-name`` to “\*scratch\*”. seagle0128 commented Mar 16, 2015 Same issue here. The “generate a backtrace on fatal error” feature now works on MS Windows.

I have to use the workarounds the guys provided above to fix it temporarily.