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Error During Savepoint Backout


Reason (why it happened?) The most probable reasons are abnormal server shutdown (using Reset button), wrong backup approach or backup tools. SQLCODE=-902: internal gds software consistency check (can't continue after bugcheck) IBCODE=isc_bug_check General information: - We use the embedded (DLL) edition of Firebird. - We use Firebird via the IBProvider OLE DB In such cases FB service most likely should be restarted because Ctrl-Break does not work at all. The operations where normal SQL operations, INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT and DELETE. have a peek at these guys

release 2.1.4 with possible correction will be - some weeks?Leaking does not help, well or if it to deliver does not do much harm? 10 Reply by kdv 2012-05-01 11:42:39 kdv Download the new AJAX search engine that makes searching your log files as easy as surfing the web. IBCODE=isc_io_error During the other test runs, I got the following (expected) error after the bugcheck: Transaction start failed. en Ru IB Surgeon Toggle navigation Home Contacts Customers Services Firebird/Interbase Recovery Database performance optimization Optimized Firebird configurations Firebird database migration Purchase Products HQbird: Advanced Firebird SQL IBSurgeon FirstAID 4.0 IBUndelete http://www.delphigroups.info/2/05/285576.html

Error During Savepoint Backout

Validation code (aka gfix) now check correctness of level assigned to b-tree page (all pages at level should have same value and value should be decremented by one at each level Stop! No clues at the moment. Or may be someone else who will be able to verify on his Windows host. [ Show » ] Pavel Zotov added a comment - 03/Oct/15 12:31 PM Well, for *very*

  1. remove last part of its 'long' extension). 3) Open 'dbshut.conf' and correct settings related to your FB instance(s) (hereafter: 'Cs' = Classic; 'sC' = SuperClassic; 'sS' = SuperServer): === fb25Cshome=
  2. As far as I know, I have made no changes to the system or to the sequence so I can't explain why the problem no longer appears.
  3. Sometimes FB falls before the start of the main execute block, sometimes after.

Is there a way of getting more > information out of the first error ("index inconsistent (204)"), which > might be the root of the problems? Is this kind of error "expected" in certain circumstances, or does it = indicate a bug in Firebird 1.5.3 RC3 or corruption in the database file? I was able to reproduce the problem a few times, but I'm still far from having a "simple, reproducable case". It doesn't usually mean a database corruption.

Currently I can see this one: === Statement failed, SQLSTATE = XX001 Error during savepoint backout - transaction invalidated -database file appears corrupt (C:\FBTESTING\DBSHUT\DBSHUT_TEST_FDB.TMP) -wrong page type -page 207 is of I am not sure in which order these errors appeared, but probably as = follows: Execute SQL statement failed. Anyway, the following information might give you some ideas of what could be the origin of the problem: I performed 5 identical test runs with 16 concurrent "transfer documents" operations. 3 http://firebird.1100200.n4.nabble.com/FB-1-5-3-RC3-bugcheck-internal-gds-software-consistency-check-error-during-savepoint-backout-290-td1109926.html Description I've encountered with lot of errors which can be produced when database is moved to shutdown state during intensive DML workload.

It is not a Firebird/InterBase error itself, but it may impact Firebird/InterBase. Firebird Core Consistency check error when invalid data inserted (file: exe.cpp line: 4097) Created: 11/Nov/14 06:04 AM Updated: 12/Nov/14 11:01 AM Component/s: Engine Affects Version/s: 3.0 Alpha 2, 2.5.3 Fix Connections to this database were enable, but I needed to kill FB service and fbsvcmgr - no reaction on Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break. Retries the statement? > Is this kind of error "expected" in certain circumstances, or does it = > indicate a bug in Firebird 1.5.3 RC3 or corruption in the database file?

Dmitry ------------------------------------------------------- This SF.net email is sponsored by: Splunk Inc. http://tracker.firebirdsql.org/browse/CORE-4603 IB 6 Savepoint error 3. Error During Savepoint Backout I run test with following config params: page_size=8192 fw_on=1 chk_start_delay=1000 loading_mode=ultra dml_work_time_ultra=30000 flush_log_delay=5000 limit_dml_rows=2000000 Number of ISQL sessions: 35. From time to time we get this error on our database server.

internal Firebird consistency check (error during savepoint backout (290), file: exe.cpp line: 4097). How do you think I should proceed? fb30Csport=... File: ..\..\..\src\jrd\validation.cpp, line: 2258 Error: Page N wrong type (expected data encountered purposely undefined) Warning: Pointer page N {sequence 0} bits {0x00 } are not consistent with data page M {sequence

Then your test program should crash at the moment of error and you'll need to send me the watson logs. Atlassian JIRA the Professional Issue Tracker. (Enterprise Edition, Version: 3.13.5-#360) - Bug/feature request - Atlassian news - Contact Administrators Log On Embarcadero Home Watch, Follow, & Connect with Us Share Reason Physical corruption, HDD crash. http://invictanetworks.net/error-during/error-during-save-point-backout.html Quote> Here are full error messages: Sorry, I have no idea.

Briefly describe the problem (required): Upload screenshot of ad (required): Select a file, or drag & drop file here. ✔ ✘ Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: Home Browse Got this on FB 3.0 SuperServer with 15 ISQL sessions, FW = OFF, page=8192, indexed_key_length = 1024. Developer Tools Blackfish SQL C++Builder Delphi FireMonkey Prism InterBase JBuilder J Optimizer HTML5 Builder 3rdRail & TurboRuby Database Tools Change Manager DBArtisan DB Optimizer ER/Studio Performance Center Rapid SQL Technical Articles

Saulius "Craig Stuntz [TeamB]" wrote in message news:[email protected]

Pavel, you (as usual) mixed different issues on this ticket. There there is no patch.Try SC or CS - I think an error gets out. 22 Reply by BVlad 2012-05-01 09:50:44 BVlad Member Offline Registered: 2008-06-09 Posts: 47 Re: internal gds Recovery process We offer FBScanner tool to solve "10054 errors" problem (among other issues). Each failure appeared as a fairly consistent sequence of errors: *** ERROR #1 (after about 1 minute of running): Execute SQL statement failed.

Steps to Reproduce: Customer test case too large to attach. Wrong page type. Rolls back the transaction? Is this kind of error "expected" in certain circumstances, or does it = indicate a bug in Firebird 1.5.3 RC3 or corruption in the database file?

Terms Privacy Opt Out Choices Advertise Get latest updates about Open Source Projects, Conferences and News. Should I create new ticket for describing almost(?) the same troubles in SS/SC/CS which were encountered during test from *this* ticket ? [ Show » ] Pavel Zotov added a comment Errors can happen even on 5-7 attachments when test running on machine with slow CPU and/or IO subsystem. Powered by a free Atlassian JIRA open source license for Firebird (RDBMS).

fb30sShome=... I will retry reproducing the problem with 1.5.3 again a few times and then switch to FB2. Reason Implementation limit of InterBase 4.x-5.x-6.0.x, and early Firebird 0.9.x. Workarounds None Attachment N Comments None You must enter a numeric report ID View Your Reports Search Server Response from: ETNACODE01 Copyright© 1994 - 2013 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

Recovery process Custom recovery process. How many savepoint? Does anybody have any input why it's happening? Error during installation entry point error 4.

Recovery chances 100% Other errors Error description Below there is a list of seldom Firebird/InterBase errors, which can be caused by different reasons. Recovery process Custom recovery process. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time.