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Error Encountered While Starting Server Zero Length Biginteger


MAX_FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS Option Specifies the maximum number of failed attempts, since the last successful attempt, to log into the user account before the account is locked. TIMESTAMP_FORMAT Option Sets the format used for timestamps retrieved from the database. NON_ANSI_NULL_VARCHAR Option Controls whether zero-length VARCHAR data is treated as NULLs for insert, load, and update operations. JZ0CL You must define the CLASS_LOADER property when using the PRELOAD_JARS property. More about the author

Description: When jConnect creates a connection with a server, it informs the server of capabilities it wants supported, and the server informs jConnect of the capabilities that it supports. Action: Verify that the parameter value in the method is correct. JZ0LC You cannot call the ____ method on a ResultSet which is using a language cursor to fetch rows. Note: If you used Cloudera Manager to install Impala, refer to the Cloudera Manager release notes for information about using an equivalent workaround by specifying the beeswax_meta_server_only=9004 configuration value in the why not try these out

Error Encountered While Starting Server Zero Length Biginteger

Continue reading: Impala requires Parquet column metadata in same order as the schema definition Fix decompressor to allow parsing gzips with multiple streams Partitions with TINYINT partition columns will always have DBCC_LOG_PROGRESS Option Reports the progress of the sp_iqcheckdb system stored procedure. JZ0TC Attempted conversion between an illegal pair of types. For example, after reading column 3 for a row, you cannot read its value a second time and you cannot read column 2 for the row.

  • If this exception occurs, it can always be found in an exception chain with the JZ006 Exception (explained earlier).
  • Action: Do not execute an empty query (““).
  • Action: Use default or larger value for the STREAM_CACHE_SIZE connection property.
  • Partitions with TINYINT partition columns will always have 0 estimated rows after compute stats Declaring a partition key column as a TINYINT caused problems with the COMPUTE STATS statement.
  • LOCKED Option If set for a login policy, prevents users with that policy from establishing new connections.
  • Description: The time allotted to read the response to a query was exceeded.

JZ0SH A static function escape was used, but the metadata accessor information was not found on this server. Also, check the query or stored procedure you are executing to determine why it is taking longer than expected. To give thanks, click thumbs upClick to search the Knowledge Base at BTSC and click to Read The Fabulous ManualsBESAdmin's, please make a signature with your BES environment info.SIM Free BlackBerry Action: Be sure that stored procedures for providing metadata are installed on the server.

However, you may want your application to take advantage of the precedence of connection properties defined in the property list over those defined in the URL. Description: The application tried to call one of the ResultSet cursor scrolling methods on a ResultSet which was created with a language cursor. ON_ERROR Option [Interactive SQL] Controls the action taken if an error is encountered while executing statements in Interactive SQL. http://support.blackberry.com/kb/articleDetail?language=Espa%C3%B1ol&articleNumber=000026431 My workaround: ensure that all empty strings are replaced by NULL; luckily, I have no need for non-zero strings in fields with integer affinity.

Now in such cases, the warning message is, Table does not support optimize on partitions. See “RPC returns fewer output parameters than registered” for more information. Description: This error results from bad escape syntax. JZ0PC The number and size of parameters in your query require wide table support.

QUERY_PLAN_AS_HTML Option Generates graphical query plans in HTML format for viewing in a Web browser. Description: The Cascade or security gateway is not responding. Error Encountered While Starting Server Zero Length Biginteger Action: Either set REPEAT_READ to "true," or do not attempt to reread a column value and be sure that you read columns in ascending column-index order. The --all option is not supported for the remove command, but there was no warning message for attempts to use remove --all.

in the BAS_AS and NCC 'parameters' keys the 'current directory; value is C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\\BAS\JBoss\ejb\bin .... my review here Action: Use the com.sybase.utils.Debug(true, “ALL”) debugging tools to try to determine what unexpected result is seen, and to understand its causes. The value must be a String that specifies the fully qualified class name of a GSSManager implementation. Action: If your application requires metadata, install the stored procedures for returning metadata that come with jConnect (see “Installing Stored Procedures” in Chapter 3 of the jConnect for JDBC Installation Guide).

JZ0RD You cannot call any of the ResultSet.get* methods on a row that has been deleted with the deleteRow() method. InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread thread_num in file row0umod.cc line 559 (Bug #14707452) InnoDB: This fix improves the error handling when an ALTER TABLE operation adds a column beyond the maximum Action: Determine the cause of the IOException that disrupted the connection. click site JZ0SG An RPC did not return as many output parameters as the application had registered for it.

Go to Solution. MAX_CLIENT_NUMERIC_PRECISION Option Controls the maximum precision for numeric data sent to the client. JZ0PD The size of the query in your dynamic prepare is large enough that you require widetable support.

This message indicates an internal product problem.

This is your resource to discuss support topics with your peers, and learn from each other. MAX_QUERY_TIME Option Sets a time limit so that the optimizer can disallow very long queries. TEMP_EXTRACT_COLUMN_DELIMITER Option Specifies the delimiter between columns in the output of the data extraction facility for an ASCII extraction. CIS_ROWSET_SIZE Option Sets the number of rows that are returned from remote servers for each fetch.

For information about general and slow query log tables, see Selecting General Query and Slow Query Log Output Destinations. (Bug #14741537) Important Change; Replication: Because running the server with GTIDs enabled Action: Check the URL definition. It's important, and FREE!Click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved. http://invictanetworks.net/error-encountered/error-encountered-reading-meta-inf-ws-server-components-xml.html JZ0T9 Request to send not synchronized.

All partitions will be rebuilt and analyzed. Action: Alter the code so that it does not attempt to read column data when the ResultSet is positioned beyond the last row. Action: Be sure the scale value is not negative. Action: Please report this error to Sybase Technical Support.

This may require using a CallableStatement to execute the query, and adding calls to registerOutputParameter and getXXX. TEMP_EXTRACT_NULL_AS_ZERO Option Controls the representation of null values in the output of the data extraction facility for an ASCII extraction. Description: With the REPEAT_READ connection property set to "false," an attempt was made to reread a column or read a column in the wrong order. The new use_index_extensions flag of the optimizer_switch system variable permits control over whether the optimizer takes the primary key columns into account when determining how to use an InnoDB table's secondary

An ALTER TABLE statement with the ALGORITHM=INPLACE clause could also create an empty .ibd file, making the tablespace no longer “discarded”. (Bug #14735917) For some continuation handler nestings, continuation could occur CHECKPOINT_TIME Option Set the maximum length of time, in minutes, that the database server runs without doing a checkpoint.