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Error Enoent Lstat


node -v v0.10.25 npm ERR! command "/home/ubuntu/local/bin/node" "/home/ubuntu/local/bin/npm" "install" --> the command that was issued npm ERR! What do these error messages mean? path /home/ncb/project/node_modules/gulp-imagemin/node_modules/imagemin/node_modules/imagemin-jpegtran/node_modules/jpegtran-bin/node_modules/bin-wrapper/node_modules/download/node_modules/gulp-decompress/node_modules/decompress/node_modules/decompress-tar/node_modules/tar-stream/node_modules/readable-stream/node_modules/process-nextick-args/.travis.yml npm ERR! http://invictanetworks.net/error-enoent/error-enoent-lstat-stylus.html

phillipalexander commented Jul 20, 2013 +1 I'm having the same issue luk- commented Jul 20, 2013 If you're having permissions issues from prior installs before permissions were corrected, try removing `.npm` I use window 7 unit 64bit, I retry npm install express but it's alway error below: npm ERR! cwd /home/me npm ERR! npm -v 1.4.26 npm ERR! https://alicoding.com/how-to-fix-error-enoent-lstat-npm-when-trying-to-install-modules/

Error Enoent Lstat

What should I do? The rest are debug information. Trying to globally install bower with this command: sudo npm install -g bower Relevant npm-debug.log section: 2874 error Error: ENOENT, chown '/usr/local/share/npm/lib/node_modules/bower/node_modules/semver/semver.browser.js' 2875 error If you need help, you may report command "node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "install" "[email protected]^2.3.0" npm ERR!

  1. or email it to: npm ERR! npm ERR!
  2. code ENOENT npm ERR!
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  4. npm member domenic commented Jul 29, 2013 @ricardograca you probably don't have git installed (or if you do it's not in your PATH).
  5. my Windows user is standard user, not administrator.
  6. fstream_stack Object.oncomplete (fs.js:107:15) npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/graceful-fs One seems to have an "lstat" problem on gbk.js, the other an "chmod" problem on util.js, but what about the commands "node", "npm" and
  7. npm ERR!
  8. node -v v0.10.26 npm ERR!

I'm getting this error too. fstream_stack /usr/local/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/fstream/lib/writer.js:308:19 npm ERR! Is the Word Homeopathy Used Inappropriately? Npm Err Notarget No Compatible Version Found I'm running windows 7.

othiym23 commented Aug 11, 2014 I'm pretty sure this is an issue in the Node installer for Windows. error rolling back errno: 53, npm ERR! Try changing your src to include the dist folder without the wildcards. https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/9634 command "/usr/bin/nodejs" "/usr/bin/npm" "install" "gulp" "gulp-sass" "gulp-autoprefixer" "--save-dev" npm ERR!

npm didn't work, errored with: Error: ENOENT, stat 'C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\npm' The reason was that this folder didn't exist. Enoent Error Meaning There are a myriad number of reason you'll get an ENOENT error, but all of you Windows people are getting it for a completely different reason.... I just went and created the C:\username\AppData\Roaming\npm folder, as it wasn't present - this solved it for me. fstream_stack /home/ubuntu/local/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/fstream/lib/writer.js:305:19 npm ERR!

Error Enoent Lstat Gulp

code ENOENT npm ERR! Continued If you need help, you may report this *entire* log, npm ERR! Error Enoent Lstat jakblak commented Aug 20, 2014 @jamescrowley solution worked for me also on windows 8 In my case, I hit this after a fresh install of Node on Windows 8. Npm Install Gulp Error Why does MatrixFunction with Sinc return this error?

error rolling back path: 'C:\development\node\bit-test\node_modul es\feebs\node_modules\express\node_modules\connect\node_modules\qs\lib' } npm ERR! http://invictanetworks.net/error-enoent/error-enoent.html gulp.task('clean', function () { return gulp.src('./dist', { read: false }) .pipe(clean({force: true})); }); Use del Instead As an aside, gulp-clean has been deprecated. Error: ENOENT, lstat '/home/ncb/project/node_modules/gulp-imagemin/node_modules/imagemin/node_modules/imagemin-jpegtran/node_modules/jpegtran-bin/node_modules/bin-wrapper/node_modules/download/node_modules/gulp-decompress/node_modules/decompress/node_modules/decompress-tar/node_modules/tar-stream/node_modules/readable-stream/node_modules/util-deprecate/LICENSE' npm ERR! Fresh, brand new installation on Win7 64bit using node-v0.10.30-x64.msi. Epeerinvalid Npm

path /home/ncb/.npm/9938c845-eadable-stream-2-0-2-package-tgz.lock npm ERR! smikes commented Nov 6, 2014 Sorry, I don't have a windows machine here so I can't test / compare. code ENOENT npm ERR! More about the author If you need help, you may report this log at: npm ERR! npm ERR!

othiym23 closed this Nov 10, 2014 Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Npm Err! Error: Enoent, Open This behavior can be changed running "secpol.msc" the Local Security Policy management console (under: Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\Create symbolic links). astefas commented Jul 23, 2013 actually it was this error: npm ERR!

error is given below npm ERR!

error rolling back Error: ENOTEMPTY, rmdir '/home/ncb/project/node_modules/gulp-imagemin/node_modules/imagemin/node_modules/imagemin-gifsicle/node_modules/gifsicle/node_modules/bin-build/node_modules/decompress/node_modules/decompress-targz/node_modules/strip-dirs/node_modules/minimist' npm ERR! command "node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "install" "[email protected]^2.3.0" npm ERR! If you need help, you may report this log at: npm ERR! npm ERR! Npm Enoent No Such File Or Directory path /home/ncb/project/node_modules/gulp-imagemin/node_modules/imagemin/node_modules/imagemin-jpegtran/node_modules/jpegtran-bin/node_modules/bin-wrapper/node_modules/download/node_modules/gulp-decompress/node_modules/decompress/node_modules/decompress-tar/node_modules/tar-stream/node_modules/readable-stream/node_modules/isarray/index.js npm ERR!

How to use AsciiDoctor Gradle plugin asciidoctor: ERROR: test.adoc: line 1: only book d... Error: ENOENT, lstat '/home/me/tmp/npm-9540-2Uzl7SBx/1422536229635-0.048849787563085556/package/test/fixtures/spec/benchmarks/large_empty.scss' npm ERR! code EMFILE'. click site If you are a windows user, you get this error for a totally valid reason.

If you need help, you may report this *entire* log, npm ERR! fstream_stack /usr/lib/nodejs/fstream/lib/writer.js:284:26 npm ERR! System Linux 2.6.32-431.3.1.el6.i686 npm ERR! You signed out in another tab or window.

cwd /home/ncb/project npm ERR! System Linux 2.6.32-431.3.1.el6.i686 npm ERR! node -v v0.10.28 npm ERR! If you need help, you may report this *entire* log, npm ERR!

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