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G., CurveExpert software, http://www.curveexpert.net, 2010. Created using Sphinx 1.0.4. ! () , To find out what each menu item does, click here. Click here to see antivirus report. click site

Note that you may select whether the printout will be in color or black and white by selecting the Black and White and Color radio buttons at the bottom of the It is searching for an ‘optimum' value of these internal parameters so that it can reduce the chi square and therefore find better parameters. The first column of data is the x data, while the second column holds the y data. How can I increase the speed at which the graphs are updated?¶ Particularly if one has a large number of data points, the graphing windows are sometimes updated very slowly, as http://error-expert.software.informer.com/1.5/

Error Expert V1.4

Clicking an entry in the ranking chart causes the plot preview area to generate a graph of that particular regression. What is going on?¶ Without getting into the internals of the Marquardt-Levenberg method for nonlinear regression (see the Theory section), suffice it to say that everything is still functioning correctly. I would recommend that one or more of the replicate values be removed, or you will be forced to use a regression-type model. However, you may open the Control Panel, select Printers, select the Postscript printer, and click the Setup button.

I am using a Postscript printer driver, and my plots will simply not print in the orientation (portrait or landscape) that I tell it to. This usually leads to unrealistic values for the standard error and correlation coefficient. BIAS SoundSoap Pro Auto-Tune EFX VST Astra Gift Maker Fast Browser Cleaner ExpressFX Huawei Mobile Partner HEC-SSP Shu Record mouse movements macro Virtual microphone mixer Hp laserjet 1020 plus installer Free It scans the system for errors and whenever found, fixes them right away.This software is capable of detecting the errors and fixing them automatically.

Is this a bug?¶ No, this is not a bug. How do I get it back? I ran the fix which worked like a dream. Note that the preview area will update every time the data set is changed, so it always reflects the latest changes to the data set.

trusted DOWNLOAD Error Expert 1.5 Windows Mac Android iPhone ForMac More Answers Forum Log in / Sign up Error Expert 1.5 Home › System Tools › System Optimization 5.0 2 votes The graph preview area on the CurveExpert main window gives you an easy way to quickly visualize various curve fits that have been performed. It worked like a charm. Hyams.

Thanks once again, John, CA ................................................. http://crack.izimil.ru/?secc=3&word=ErrorExpert%20v1.4 Watch the status bar (at the bottom of the main window) as you move the mouse across each button to find the function of each one of these buttons. Error Expert V1.4 Is there any way that I can change the addresses to the correct home page?¶ As long as you know the correct home pages, the links can be easily updated. Download ErrorExpert and Scan your computer right now to see how many errors are there in your System Registry.

They will both terminate the calculation immediately and no results will be shown. get redirected here How can I cite CurveExpert in a publication?¶ Hyams, D. Graph Preview Area¶ The graph preview area shows the currently selected plot in the ranking chart (above), as a small thumbnail, so that you can quickly visualize different curve fits without Previous topic Contacting the Author Next topic References This Page Show Source Quick search Enter search terms or a module, class or function name.

However, this happens because of a bug in the display driver installed on your computer. And as always, as yet another reminder, make sure that your data set is scaled to reasonable numbers (preferably on the order of one). This preview window also gives the capability of watching a regression as it progresses to convergence. navigate to this website For multivariate support, check out CurveExpert Professional.

The ranking chart shows only those fits that are valid, so the ranking chart is erased. Error Messages for Windows It's a neat and handy reference tool for listing Windows error codes. If the data and/or curve fit takes a significant amount of time to regenerate, you might want to turn previews off.

of the plot preview area are determined by the default plot setup, and cannot be customized directly.

  • Works with all Windows Operating systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Copyright (c) 2005-2013 ErrorExpert.com.
  • Selecting this button will accept the current parameters as they are.
  • This award winning software also includes advanced utilities that will remove any unnecessary toolbars, popups and unneeded startup items which slow down your computer.
  • Status Bar¶ The status bar shows you the current status of CurveExpert and gives you help on the function of the toolbar buttons.
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  • Here, you may adjust the orientation.
  • To edit a data point, simply click the cell that it is in and type in the new value.
  • Note that interpolations are not included on this list.

All rights Reserved. How do I turn this behavior off? The Internet links pointed to by the menu items under Help|Internet are now broken. Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote.

It also plays an important role in increasing the system performance by removing all the unwanted toolbars, pop-ups and other unnecessary startup items, which are sometimes responsible for a slow system Why does the chi-square reported in the Information dialog not match the standard error?¶ The standard error and the chi-square values are very similar, but defined differently. Hyams. my review here I have my speed back and the registry is clean.

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Obviously, the problem should be reproduced while the debug file is being made. Pressing OK will commence printing, and pressing the Cancel button will return you to the CurveExpert main window. Printing¶ Dataset¶ Choose "Print" from the main menu to generate a hardcopy of the data set. WinErrs It is a database of windows error codes and OLE error codes with description.

When off, no updates occur during a calculation. The solution to this problem is to rescale your data to a magnitude of one. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. If multiple debug files are saved, they will be numbered consecutively.

The data set will be printed in two columns of x and y data, and each point is labeled sequentially. Note that for interpolations and linear regressions, each button has the same meaning. A sample CurveExpert window is shown below: Menu Bar¶ Like all Windows applications, you can select items off of the menu bar to accomplish certain tasks. Double click on this file.

Ranking Chart¶ The ranking chart ranks all of the valid regression models from best to worst. How do I turn this behavior off?¶ From the File menu, choose Preferences. Cheap at twice the price. Contact Us!

When CurveExpert is working, the toolbar andmenus are disabled except for two new buttons on the far right hand side of the toolbar. Lagrangian interpolation sometimes bombs with a floating point exception. This naturally forces the chi square for the current iteration will be the same as the last.