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Error Failed To Initialize Chud.framework


I have a question about RealMyst. [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 201038 25 Jan 2001 HOLO_B1.mp3 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 229877 25 Jan 2001 HOLO_B2.mp3 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 90144 8 Mar 2001 MAWWsfx_BallShootLong [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 129276 8 Mar 2001 MAWWsfx_BallShootShatter [email protected] 1 Peter Peter You need to make sure CHUD is installed from your 10.6 install DVD, not your 10.5 one. navigate to this website

Only possibly notable thing is a box labeled Hyper-Threading, which automatically stays checked whenever I go down to one processor. sofaman.oz05-13-2010, 04:57 AMHi Gannet7 - This is related to your Myst IV installer, which I also downloaded. Did you perhaps move (or rename) the app while it was running? Are you able to achieve that in Terminal? http://bob.ippoli.to/archives/2005/01/30/disabling-a-cpu-with-the-chud-framework/

Error Failed To Initialize Chud.framework

It also has an 'ENGLISH.m3u' where a number of forum posts have referred to 'language.m3u' (I originally thought they meant "insert language here", but apparently not). sofaman.oz05-07-2010, 01:24 AMActually rather than just getting you to fix my problem, I'm going to try being more proactive now. Thanks.

It only works through the CHUD interface, and I'm not sure why. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif Heimdall_G05-14-2010, 02:59 PMPlease note that we are currently in the "Myst Forums - Myst, Riven, Exile". Willing to investigate as long as you are. :-) (Can't tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time for this.) Oh, and I went into main.scpt briefly, thinking I From the realMYST CD, copy the Game Data folder into the Resources folder of the application.

[email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 307244 3 Dec 2000 LEMTsfx_BridgeAdjust [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 379304 3 Dec 2000 LEMTsfx_BridgeControl1 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter keeperotk09-30-2010, 08:19 PMHey, I just tried to use the installer on my computer... But after that, starting the app from the Resources folder works correctly. https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB50993 But why did you not try your 10.6 install disk?

The old realMyst installer I created is no longer relevant and has been removed. Just a black screen. sofaman.oz05-06-2010, 06:22 AMI've tried your installer with Myst III, and no problems at all with the install. Upon opening the realMyst application, I get an error: Error opening winit file: init\win_init.dat I am not super computer savvy, but I'm not computer illiterate either.

[email protected] 7 root admin 238 28 Jul 22:56 .. Gannet705-31-2011, 03:36 PMHi stormewolf, You can try doing a manual install of the game. Error Failed To Initialize Chud.framework [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 902373 7 Apr 2001 LEOS_SCENE_5_2.mp3 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 346156 9 Apr 2001 LEOSsfx_BridgeOpenST [email protected] 1 Peter Peter switching between cores while running interrupts sound just as switching between CPUs does.

Unfortunately I am having a problem with the Myst III installer. useful reference Is there somewhere I can download the latest version of CHUD? Have you tried doing them both at once? Gannet705-07-2010, 03:02 AMGreat to hear you got it working!

[email protected] 15 Peter Peter 1340 6 Jun 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 2420378 21 Aug 2001 ENGLISH.m3u [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 1044480 6 Feb 2002 M3.exe [email protected] 1 Peter Peter Thank you again! Is there another patch somewhere for my slightly older version of OS X? http://invictanetworks.net/error-failed/error-failed-to-initialize-unstructured-data-transformation.html I have to un-click HT, *then* unclick the second CPU (the reverse order turns the second CPU back on when I click HT).

Couldn't find a disk image to mount. Look for [Mac] in the topic titles. [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 69548 30 Mar 2001 MALL_DoorClose.wav [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 69164 30 Mar 2001 MALL_Levers.wav [email protected] 1 Peter Peter

Extremely frustrating, as I love these games and was all stoked for a reuniting with them.

Otherwise, you should install CHUD: 1. If you uncheck the HT box, it automatically adds the second CPU back in. I can explain your last point though: The Myst III wrapper will run hwprefs cpu_count=1. [email protected] 2 Peter Peter 1444 14 Mar 2002 Data [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 229376 2 May 2002 Desktop DB [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 79794 14 Mar 2002 Desktop DF [email protected] 2

It is possible to make it work though - if anyone else is interested, just let me know. [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 176540 11 Feb 2001 ENLCamb_Fan [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 1058860 13 Feb 2001 ENLCamb_Lava [email protected] 1 Peter Peter The dialog that asks for the next disk should include a text field containing the path to the disk. get redirected here Gannet704-04-2011, 03:39 AMOh, I mean the Myst III Exile app that gets installed, not the installer app.

Myst III seems to be working properly thru the game play, however the opening intro conversations are choppy and can't make sense of what is being said. Ubisoft Forums > Myst Forums - Myst, Riven, Exile > Myst Community Tech Help > [Mac] realMYST Installer PDA View Full Version : [Mac] realMYST Installer Gannet704-30-2010, But even after setting both (such that hwprefs cpu_count returns 1 and hwprefs cpu_ht returns 0), the game plays the same. CHUD is working properly and shows cpu count as 1 (this is a quad-core iMac).

Hmm, played the game for a bit and all sound effects, music and audio seem to work throughout the game except for conversations (and the opening ubi credits music/sound is choppy). [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 512084 9 Apr 2001 ENLIamb_Levitation [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 26796 12 Mar 2001 ENLIsfx_BookCabinetLocked /Volumes/Exile DVD/M3Data/ENPP: total 17896 [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 267880 27 Mar 2001 MA_M1_hit1 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 224020 27 Mar 2001 MA_M1_hit2 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter I have an i7 iMac from 2010.

[email protected] 15 Peter Peter 1340 6 Jun 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 2610565 14 Aug 2001 GERMAN.m3u [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 1044480 6 Feb 2002 M3.exe [email protected] 1 Peter Peter No joy as yet - both commands gave me this error:

ERROR: unable to initialize CHUD.framework - Error #-11999
which it seem reasonable to assume means