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Error Fetching From /rest/activity-stream/1.0/config Local=true


Case Sensitivity Issues When Logging in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Bug:18965140 Added: 24-June-2014 Platform: All Assume you create a user name with an initial capital letter (for example, The Retry Properties dialog is displayed. 3. Generally, NSURLSession returns data in two ways: via a completion handler when a task finishes either successfully or with an error, or by calling methods on a delegate that you set Classloader CR Number Description CR128510 readClassDescriptor() of MsgAbbrevInputStream was trying to resolve a class and throwing a ClassNotFoundException for unknown classes. my review here

Note that: The TABLE Datatype is not supported in STOREDPROCEDURE for MSSQLSSERVER 2012 The CHAR FOR BIT Datatype does not work in Release 12.1.3 JDeveloper for the Derby Database. If that verification fails, the connection is rejected. CR104435 The KernelDebugMBean options, DebugDGCEnrollment and ForceGCEachDGCPeriod, could not be enabled. Performance Slow While Importing a Flexfield Mapping for a PL/SQL API Bug: 18956027 Updated: 11-June-2014 Platform: All During the partner link creation for a PL/SQL API that has flexfield data configured, https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/45108/after-an-upgrade-to-jira-5-0-1-we-are-getting-the-following-warn-s-in-the-stdout-log-could-not-reach-provider-xxxxx

Error Fetching From /rest/activity-stream/1.0/config Local=true

CR127836 A JSP in a subcontext of the root context was precompiled when deployed as a Web application packaged in a WAR file, but not if it was deployed in exploded Please also note that if database tables are used, the new schema is correctly written to the old schema location. However, the user with the Monitor permission on only one of the partitions can view the entire flow trace. NSURLSessionConfiguration also lets you configure session properties such as timeout values, caching policies and additional HTTP headers.

  1. CR087598 Propagation from list page to realm deletion changed the MBean class name specific to the MBean to be deleted.
  2. This caused a performance problem.
  3. Now during cluster synchronization, when a node is coming up, it first identifies all the running nodes in a cluster and then sends out a broadcast identifying itself.

Simply unbinding the appropriate objects renders the server unreachable. CR178792 Apache) HTTP requests can contain either one of the following headers: Content-Length or Transfer-Encoding Requests with a Transfer-Encoding header set to "chunked" were failing with an IO error. Copy the following BAM JAR files from the BAM 11g installation: Oracle_Home/soa/bam/modules/oracle.bam_11.1.1/oracle-bam-adc-ejb.jar Oracle_Home/soa/bam/modules/oracle.bam_11.1.1/oracle-bam-common.jar Oracle_Home/soa/bam/modules/oracle.bam_11.1.1/oracle-bam-reportcache-ejb.jar To the following location in Oracle JDeveloper 12c: Jdeveloper_Home/soa/plugins/jdeveloper/bam/modules/oracle.bam_11.1.1 Note: Create the oracle.bam_11.1.1 directory in Oracle JDeveloper The same server was tried repeatedly until a READ_ERROR_FROM_SERVER or a CONNECTION_REFUSED exception was raised.

However, when you select them in the JDeveloper User Interface and move the cursor next to see NXSD source, the schema misses the lookTill attribute. See the README file in the patch for further documentation. The remote stub cached in the application client now ensures it refreshes the list only when remote method invocation fails on all the nodes in the existing list. https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/120903/atlassian-streams-internal-applinksactivityprovider-handle-unable-to-retrieve-filters-from-rest-activity-stream-1-0-config-local-true-org-codehaus-jackson-jsonparseexception-unexpected-character-code-60 A change was made to set the encoding explicitly in the page, so the correct encoding is used to produce the response.

This is because it must bundle a dependent jar, but no version of the jar is compatible with both 10.3.5 and 10.3.6. In general customers should not tune this value and should leave it at the default (3). For the data inserted using WebLogic Server, the other programs that would read the bytes directly get the extra header information and fail. The retry logic in the failover algorithm was incorrect.

The following exceptions may occur when using the Application Explorer to generate EIS adapter artifacts: 20120405-11:51:04 INFO com.ibi.bse.gui.BseFrame:read manifest for iwae.jar
20120405-12:12:30 ERROR
CR127090 Jsp used several MBeans with attributes that had the same names, thus when they were displayed, it looked as though there were duplicates, when in fact, there were none. Error Fetching From /rest/activity-stream/1.0/config Local=true CR108034 Inappropriate error messages generated by a user breaking a connection have been suppressed. If the user code had run an executeQuery() call first, without retaining the result set it returned, garbage-collecting could close it immediately, with the underlying DBMS resultset, invalidating and prematurely closing

Creating a Download Task With all the preparatory work out of the way, you're now ready to implement file downloads. this page CR127097 The Stateful EJB monitoring page did not have the machine name prefixed to its output so it was impossible to see to which machine the entry referred. WebLogic Server now generates the message as follows if there are syntax errors in EJB QL. [java] ERROR: Error from ejbc: Error while reading 'META-INF/ejb-jar.xml' or 'META-INF/weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml'. The error was: CR185643 For BLOBs, in the generated code, WebLogic Server calls ObjectOutputStream.writeObject and ObjectInputStream.readObject to serialize/deserialize the object before writing/reading it to the database.

Workaround: Set a timeout value on those activities that can result in an unexpected delay in response.Not Prompted for a Username or Password When Using the oracle/wss_username_token_service_policy Security PolicyBug:18998669 Added: 24-June-2014 Change the forward slash (/) to a back slash (\) in the following line: -Doracle.xml.schema/Ignore_Duplicate_Components=true 3. Note that messages in the Source Queue inside TIBCO are not flushed out after they are read if the TIBCO Server is stopped and restarted midway. get redirected here JMS Adapter supports connection retry functionality for MQ Provider.

You declare a NSURLSessionDataTask variable which you'll used to make an HTTP GET request to the iTunes Search web service when the user performs a search. You look up the corresponding Download in your active downloads and remove it. See Security Advisory BEA04-68.00.

With the pause function completed, the next order of business is to allow the resumption of a paused download.

CR044503 Creating a new ACL with a blank Permission caused an unexpected error. However, after an upgrade to release 8.1 SP02, the server log reported the following error: Failed to parse the client certificate in header: WL-Proxy-Client-Cert. WebLogic Server now returns contentLength as -1 if CTE is on. The business key is automatically selected. 5.

Code was added to WebLogic Server to eliminate the ProtocolExceptions. CR132840 Apache access logs improperly recorded a 200 code rather than a 500 error when application servers were down. If the resume data is absent for some reason, you create a new download task from scratch with the download URL anyway and start it. useful reference Reducing the reserve stack size used by beasvc.exe and beasvc64.exe from 1mb to 256kb eliminated the memory problem.

The code has been fixed so that the log file is not set if debugging is turned off. A code change resolved the problem. Previously, the subscriber was not created by the adapter but it was expected that the subscriber is created before the adapter service was executed. Receiver will stop processing messages and the console will show 10 messages pending.

Progress DB Stored Procedures Are Not Supported in the PS6 Release of the Database Adapter Bug: 14150479 Added: 22-October-2012 Platform: All Progress DB Stored Procedures are not supported in the PS6 downloadTask: The NSURLSessionDownloadTask that downloads the file. Whether an app retrieves application data from a server, updates your social media status or downloads remote files to disk, it's the HTTP network requests living at the heart of mobile