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Error Finding Api Instance


I will trying to find out why the private-dns-name for ec2 is not updated even when i have DHCP option sets for my VPC point to my custom DNS server. we've setup K8S 1.0.6 inside our VPC and just added --cloud-provider=aws (and the accompanying IAM profiles to our nodes). You can download a script file containing this improved example from our website at www.scorm.com. The generic API discovery script The basic SCORM API discovery algorithm is well specified in IEEE 1484.11.2 and in the SCORM Runtime Environment book. my review here

Now I'm trying to figure out how to change hostname in metadata. logs are spammed with the errors below and the node doesn't register in the cluster Sep 30 18:25:24 ip-10-116-11-99.platform.dev.xxx kubelet[899]: E0930 18:25:24.488410 899 kubelet.go:1641] error getting node: node ip-10-116-11-99.platform.dev.xxx not found LMS Integration Lectora Online General Topics CourseMill Announcements Lectora Suggestions Web Accessibility Lectora Questions & Answers Tips and tricks Social Chat Lectora Online Questions & Answers 3rd Party Services, Resources, and SCORM 2004 API Discovery Algorithm var nFindAPITries = 0; var API = null; var maxTries = 500; // The ScanForAPI() function searches for an object named API_1484_11 // in the

Error Finding Api Instance

I also added detailed comments, clarified names and consolidated logic in order to improve the readably of the code and enhance its efficacy as an example. I just found the issue frustrating and wanted to spare people the time I spent trying to figure it out. Suggestions Social Lounge Mobile Learning Visual Design Instructional Design Trivantis Updates Snap Questions and Answers Snap! Or get in touch with [email protected], they are very helpful.

  1. This value can be different such as when using a private hosted zone.
  2. My instinct is that --hostname-override should actually do something even when you're using --cloud-provider=aws (it currently seems to do nothing).
  3. If an object of that name is found, a reference to it is returned.
  4. Authors: @balooo, @dogan-sky, @jsravn aa65fe8 balooo referenced this issue Feb 25, 2016 Merged Fix EBS when hostname is not the node name #21992 justinsb added a commit to justinsb/kubernetes
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  6. Fixing the SCORM 2004 API Discovery Algorithm Mike Rustici, Rustici Software, LLC We all make little mistakes every once in a while, especially when we’re working on large projects where
  7. dpratt referenced this issue Jan 30, 2016 Merged Fix AWS kubelet registration. #20372 jtblin added a commit to jtblin/kubernetes that referenced this issue Jan 31, 2016 jtblin
  8. Each 100-200 requests, one return a fault.

If you don't already have an account, that's no problem! dhawal55 commented Oct 16, 2015 I have changed the hostname on my ec2 instance to match the private-dns-name and restarted kubelet but somehow it keeps using the domain name set in I’ve taken the liberty of adding line numbers for easy reference in later parts of the article. 1: var nFindAPITries = 0; 2: var API = null; 3: var maxTries Unable To Find Api Adaptor This FireFox "feature" and its effect on a SCO was actually discovered in the context of such a demonstration.

If it still does, it's as easy as adding 'search yourdomain.com ec2.internal' to a copy of your existing DHCP options set and associating it with the vpc. Error Finding Api Too Deeply Nested You must substitute the IP range. We also wouldn't constantly need to be translating between private dns name and instance id. It's pretty random since I guess it has a load-balancer at the top of the server pool redirecting to different server instances (this is noticeable because they also returns slightly different

User Agreement | Privacy Policy. Scorm Api Example If you want, you can send it to [email protected] and I'll take a look. Such is the case with the recently released SCORM 2004 specification. In the improved example that I provide, I have restructured the code to eliminate unnecessary global variables (note that the one that remains is simply a constant).

Error Finding Api Too Deeply Nested

I have no idea where it is getting > the domain. https://forums.developer.ebay.com/questions/14831/finding-api-returning-error.html SCORM Solved SCORM Explained SCORM Evolved (Tin Can API) Name Please enter your name. Error Finding Api Instance This article will point out some problems with the sample algorithm for finding the API adapter in Figure 3.3.1b of the SCORM 2004 Run-Time Environment Book and also offer an alternative The Scorm Api Was Not Found. Communication Will Not Occur Basically, it consists of using a try/catch control structure when testing a window for presence of the API object.

Is it rude or cocky to request different interviewers? http://invictanetworks.net/error-finding/error-finding-coordinates-of-wc.html The issue being that ExternalID(), instead of directly querying the local metadata store (initialNodeStatus() on kubelet should always be about the local node, yes?) assumes that hostname will always equal private-dns-name When securing a dynamic infrastructure it's often a necessity to work with a private domain in order to supply certificates - the ip addresses of nodes are unpredictable. If it does not find the API object there, it looks at the opener of the window in which the SCO has been launched and up its parent chain. Api_1484_11 Javascript

The only real issue here is that the nodeName in Kubernetes is now wrong and misleading for our engineers: ip-10-16-80-224.us-west-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/hostname=tools-k8s-node-uswest1-17-i-905b2250 Ready ip-10-16-82-31.us-west-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/hostname=tools-k8s-node-uswest1-15-i-67621ba7 Ready ip-10-16-86-186.us-west-1.compute.internal kubernetes.io/hostname=tools-k8s-node-uswest1-16-i-4eff2bfc Ready I also tried Fix the last few places that used the NodeName. Authors: @balooo, @dogan-sky, @jsravn">Fix EBS when hostname is not the node name … Similar to #11543, the local hostname is not guaranteed to be the node name, as the AWS cloud get redirected here The algorithm only provides an error message in one of these instances (when the maximum nesting depth is exceeded).

Unable to find API adapter and unable to locate the LMS's API Implementation. Scorm 1.2 Api Documentation If not, I'm happy to. I'm aware I'm walking into this with very little context.

dhawal55 commented Oct 27, 2015 @roboll Yes, using instanceId is the ideal solution.

kubectl exec/logs to work. There are two possible ways in which the algorithm may terminate without finding the API Adapter: it can check all possible windows or it can exceed its maximum nesting depth (nFindAPITries Thanks jtblin commented Jun 18, 2016 The fix was released in 1.2. Scorm 2004 Api This solution only works with "modern" browsers that implement the try/catch feature of ECMAScript.

What about having the findInstanceByNodeName method look for instanceId, private-dns-name OR a tag called node-name? We've just been bitten by this same issue. Consider the following generic discovery script: var gAPI = null; // Stand-in for the API object, if found. useful reference Instead of returning null when the existence of a non-existent property of the "foreign" window is checked, FireFox triggers a fatal script exception.

Check whether the setting "Open course in a new window" (yes / no) in Lectora matches the way the package is integrated in the LMS. Thanks! -Chris March 31, 2013 at 6:19 pm #284564 Score: 0 Gurwinder KapurMember @gurwinder-kapur We are experiencing a similar issue with our Lectora CBT created in version X in LMS SCORM Select Register to sign up and get started.