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Error For Com Routine Using Application Program Return Code 2


Action requires problem to be presolved and the problem is not presolved. 167 Failed to allocate memory of size bytes. Dual value of row or column cannot be analyzed because the vector is not basic. 72 Not a non-basic vector: . Disabling parallel. The svf file was created on a different operating system and cannot be restored on the current system. 192 Bad flags . get redirected here

The reader accepts substrings of these if they uniquely define the objective sense and are at least 3 characters long. Please refer to the Reference Manual for a list of valid set types. 80 File creation error. XPRSalter (ALTER) cannot be used to change the upper or lower bound of a variable if its variable type is binary, semi-continuous, integer, partial integer, semi-continuous integer, or if it is Please provide a zero preference if the constraint or bound is not meant to be relaxed. https://scn.sap.com/thread/1425742

Error For Com Routine Using Application Program Return Code 2

If the macro instruction was ACLOSE, the APCB remains opened. In case the variable should be set to the value given by the basis file, please modify the bounds on the variable. 794 Value of fixed binary column changed The number of rows in the problem is not equal to the number of basic rows + columns in the problem, which means that the existing basis is no longer valid. In such cases, the reader skips the whole section and continues reading. 786 Variable fixed above infinite tolerance limit .

  1. Element of your array has an invalid complement flag .
  2. Please contact Xpress support for help about replacement functionality. 606 Failed to parse list of diving heuristic strategies at position Invalid diving heuristic strategy number provided in position
  3. Recovery Action Codes - R00 The recovery action code is stored in the TPL return code field (TPLRTNCD) and returned in register 0 whenever the general return code in register 15=X'04'.
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  5. Please increase EXTRAELEMS before XPRSreadprob (READPROB) and try again. 416 Invalid bound type passed to .
  6. The subsystem is not installed (i.e., no SSCVT found with matching subsystem name). 4 (X'04') TENOTACT The subsystem is installed, but not started or active (i.e., SSCTUSE is 0). 5 (X'05')
  7. The coefficient for column appears more than once in row .
  8. Row is used more than once in the same section.
  9. Please make sure that there is adequate disk space and that the volume is not corrupt. 83 Fatal error on write to file - program aborted.
  10. If the problem persists please contact your local support office. 66 Unable to open file .

For more information about ACLOSE error codes, see C258xxxx (1Axx) T012AOPN. A correct basis is generated automatically and no action needs to be taken. See column of . Please contact your vendor to obtain a license.

There is not enough space to complete function successfully. 422 Solution is not available. Register 0 contains a recovery action code unless this information has been modified by the SYNAD or LERAD exit routine. Row used in basis file .BSS does not exist in the problem. https://www.consolut.com/en/s/sap-ides-access/d/s/doc/YV-$SAPAPO$OM102 The diagnostic code stored in the APCB indicates a specific instance of the error type.

Internal error. The value of the variable has been modified to satisfy its bounds. More SAP Groups Your account is ready. If you have set the control LPITERLIMIT make sure that the optimal solution can be found within the maximum number of iterations allowed. 91 No problem has been input.

Limit is outside this range and therefore is not valid. 407 Invalid column range passed to . http://sap.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/sap-apo/error-while-loading-data-in-planning-book-1770845 The error code is stored in the APCB. Error For Com Routine Using Application Program Return Code 2 Please check the presolve settings. 557 Integer solution is not available Failed to retrieve an integer solution because no integer solution has been identified yet. 558 Column duplicated Skipping A missing weight encountered while reading sets in the LP file at position .

The elimination phase performed by the presolve procedure created extra matrix elements. http://invictanetworks.net/error-for/error-for-com-routine-using-application-program-return-code-40-152.html There are not enough spare rows to complete function successfully. Please call XPRSmaxim (MAXIM) or XPRSminim (MINIM) to optimize the problem and make sure the process is completed. Please make sure to use unique row names. 770 Missing prerequisite section for section Section must be defined before section in the MPS file being read.

In this case, the conditional return code (also stored in the TPL return code field) is returned to the application program in register 0. 4 (X'04') TAEXCPTN An exceptional condition occurred A word staring with an 'f' and not know to Xpress-MP has been found in column at line of the LP file. To correct the error please use report /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_CONS_CHECK. useful reference An LP solution cannot be read into a problem in a presolved state. 243 The Xpress-Optimizer requires a newer version of the XPRL library.

Please make sure that there is adequate disk space and try again. Please increase your virtual page space or physical memory and try again. The new declaration prevails and the old declaration prevails and the old declaration will be disregarded. 262 Unable to remove shift infeasibilities of &.

The resource failed to create. 170 Corrupt global file.

The problem in memory is the presolved one. However, you may force output using control FORCEOUTPUT or change the names by using scrambled names (-s option for XPRSwriteprob). 797 Wrong section in the solution file: Section Some components may not be visible. Treated as 2 The LP file reader encountered an exponent different than 2 at position .

The column numbers lie between 0 and the total number of columns of the problem. A new basis will be created internally where column will be at its lower bound while the rest of the columns and rows maintain their basic/non-basic status. 5 Error Please call this function before starting the global search or after the global search has been completed. http://invictanetworks.net/error-for/error-for-com-routine-using-application-program-return-code-3.html Graceful shutdown procedures have begun, but the application program is allowed to continue operation.

If the general return code is 12, the error is considered permanent and the permanent error flag is set. 7 (X'07') APCBELER An internal logic error occurred during the execution of A non existing row is being used at line number of the .MAT or .MPS file. It is not possible to interrupt the declaration of a column with lines corresponding to a different vector. 98 At line no match for row . These codes generally are used to indicate the occurrence of a condition that normally does not affect the successful execution of the application program and should not be treated as an

The directive type corresponding to element of the array is invalid. The requested macro instruction failed, and the failure is considered permanent. Please make sure that the priority value lies between 0 and 1000 and that it is written inside the corresponding field in the .DIR file. 77 Illegal set card . If you have purchased any other version of the software please contact your local sales office to discuss upgrading if you wish to read matrices with this number of elements. 56

The column cannot be pivoted into the basis since it is already basic. Please increase your virtual paging space or physical memory and try to optimize again. 107 Too many global entities at column . However, ambiguous duals or reduces costs are present in the initial infeasible subproblem. An illegal priority type has been found in the directives file .DIR and will be ignored.

For consistency reasons however, in the case of the IIS procedure such problems are treated as being infeasible. 726 This function is not valid for the IIS approximation. If you have the student version, please contact your local sales office to discuss upgrading if you wish to change the value of controls. Please correct all errors and try again. 36 Linear Optimizer only: buy IP Optimizer from your vendor. The latter condition may occur if the application program is started before the Cisco IOS for S/390 API address space. 2 (X'02') APCBEACT The Cisco IOS for S/390 API subsystem CVT

If the TPL appears to be correct, then it may have been located in store-protected memory. There is no solution available. It may be due to round off errors in the input data or to the problem being badly scaled. 263 The problem has been presolved. Return Code Description 0 (X'00') Operation Successful The requested operation was successful.

If the general return code is 16, the error is considered fatal and no diagnostic code is returned. If the application program is operating in an assembler language environment (ENVIRO=ASM), this error should not occur. Invalid objective sense was passed to function .