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Error For Com Routine Using Application Program Return Code


Please check definitions of the sets in the file. 555 Can not presolve cut with PRESOLVEOPS bits 0, 5 or 8 set or bit 11 cleared. Either the TPL address was incorrect or the TPL did not contain a valid control block identifier. Any other answer will be ignored. 314 Invalid number. Goal programming has found goal to be unbounded and it will stop at this point. get redirected here

A fatal error occurred, and the requested operation could not be performed. It may be due to round off errors in the input data or to the problem being badly scaled. 263 The problem has been presolved. On viewing the Planning book, pending forecasted qty was 900.   On 05-AUG-2015, another sales order for 200 Nos got booked. Become a premium member and get instant access. https://scn.sap.com/thread/1425742

Error For Com Routine Using Application Program Return Code

Conditional Completion Codes - R00 Conditional completion codes are returned in register 0 whenever the general return code in register 15 indicates normal or conditional completion. Length: 412 Date: 20161011 Time: 143206 sap01-206 ( 4 ms ) Intercompany Suite Optimized Intercompany processes simplify the consolidation! Buffers are allocated by data transfer requests. 11 (X'0B') TENOERR No datagram error indication is pending. 13 (X'0D') TEAMODE The current addressing mode (AMODE) is inconsistent with the addressing mode at If the return code is non-zero, the operation failed.

  1. also folks suggest me to do HANA- IBP instead APO.   Need valuable suggestion.     Thanks in Advance Piyush 0 0 02/07/14--08:07: APO LOT SIZE SETTING ISSUE Contact us about
  2. However, to avoid ambiguity, if no user defined objective row was meant to be supplied, then please exclude the OBJNAME section from the MPS file. 757 Missing objective sense in
  3. Please make sure that the file exists and there is adequate disk space. 67 Error on read of file .
  4. Please define all neutr Home Skip to content Skip to footer Worldwide [change] Log In Account Register My Cisco Cisco.com Worldwide Home Products & Services (menu) Support (menu) How to Buy
  5. See > for details of the failure. 180 No change to this SSV allowed.
  6. Before running the function, please use IIS -f, IIS -n or IIS -a to identify an IIS. 722 IIS number is not yet identified Irreducible infeasible set (IIS) with
  7. Error found at .
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  9. Please increase EXTRACOLS before XPRSreadprob (READPROB) and try again. 415 Not enough spare matrix elements in .

Either the lower bound is greater than the upper bound in the bound pair given for the integer column passed into routine or the interval defined Treated as -inf. Register 0 contains a recovery action code unless this information has been modified by the SYNAD or LERAD exit routine. Column used in directives file .DIR is not a global entity and its corresponding priority will be ignored.

The state of the APCB is unchanged, and no operation has been performed. The column cannot be chosen to leave the basis since it is already non-basic. Element of your array has invalid row basis type . https://www.consolut.com/en/s/sap-ides-access/d/s/doc/YV-$SAPAPO$OM102 Truncating it.

The objective sense should be either MAXIMIZE or MINIMIZE. Please check that the spelling of is correct and that it is not written outside the field reserved for column names. 7 Empty matrix. Can it be a system (PC) issues ?   Please help, its a long pending issue now. The latter is less likely because the transfer vector resides in store-protected memory. 22 (X'16') APCBEEND An error occurred in the PC routine (APICTEND) that is called to terminate a session

If the return code is zero, the operation was successful. http://sap.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/sap-apo/error-while-loading-data-in-planning-book-1770845 Depending on the general return code in register 15, this error code might also be stored in the APCB (at APCBERRC). Error For Com Routine Using Application Program Return Code Please advise.Error for COM routine using application program (return code 40,020 ) /SAPAPO/OMThanksChristopher Christopher Francis August 22, 2008 at 14:42 PM 0 Likes Correct Answer Tibor Nagy replied August 26, 2008 This usually occurs when your disk is full.

The coefficient of column in the constraint being used as reference row for set is too close to the coefficient of some other column in the reference row. http://invictanetworks.net/error-for/error-for-com-routine-using-application-program-return-code-3.html Please make sure that the priority value lies between 0 and 1000 and that it is written inside the corresponding field in the .DIR file. 77 Illegal set card . Treated as 'free'. Please report to " SUPPORT_CONTACT_NAME " the circumstances under which this happened. 324 Not enough extra matrix elements to complete elimination phase.

Please try the request again. Try introducing nonzero preferences and run repairinfeas again. 748 Negative preference given for a bound on A negative preference value is set for constraint or bound . After watching Pitchers I decided to quit my job as Demand Planner and start something on my own. useful reference Bound ignored A variable is marked as fixed in the MPS above (its absolute value) the tolerance limit of .

The infeasibility tracing facility can only explain infeasibilities due to problem constraints. 473 Row classification not available. 474 Column passed to has inconsistent bounds. See for details. 194 Failure writing to range file. A constraint is redefined in column at line of the LP file.

For some types of errors, more than one situation can cause the error to be generated.

Table4-8 Execution Environment Errors Error Code Description 1 (X'01') TESYSERR An MVS system ABEND occurred within the Cisco IOS for S/390 API or the transport provider that is not covered by Increase EXTRAPRESOLVE before input to improve performance. The Optimizer does not allow changes to the column type while the global search is in progress. Input has encountered too many problems in reading your matrix and it has been aborted.

In the case of the XWA pool, it may need to be increased because it cannot expand dynamically. 10 (X'0A') TERETRCT An outstanding TLISTEN request has been retracted with TRETRACT. No cuts can be presolved if the following presolve options are turned on: bit 0: singleton column removal, bit 5: duplicate column removal, bit 8: variable eliminations or if the option There has been an attempt to use a command for which your Optimizer is not authorized. http://invictanetworks.net/error-for/error-for-com-routine-using-application-program-return-code-2.html Please contact you local support office. 386 This version is not authorized to run Goal Programming.

Execution Environment Errors: RTNCD 0Cxx This section includes the execution environment specific error codes. Procedure Procedure for System Administration You should also specify: Message number /SAPAPO/OM102 Return code Error code SUBST_MERGE_LIST - merge external lists to one complete list with #if... Please use goal programming for constraints when using rows whose type is not N. 310 Option must be A/a or P/p. Re-optimize with PRESOLVE = 0.

Toolbox.com is not affiliated with or endorsed by any company listed at this site. The cumulative amount of space required for incomplete TSEND/TSENDTO exceeds the allocated limit. 7 (X'07') TEREQOVR The Send/Receive request is overrun. This error is similar to APCBERDY, except that it applies to the access method specifically instead of the subsystem in general. The recovery action codes defined in this section are those generated by the Cisco IOS for S/390 API.

The lower bound declared in column at line of the LP file is not a constant. Please start the IIS analysis from the beginning. 735 IIS function aborted The irreducible infeasible set (IIS) procedure was aborted by either hitting CRTL-C or by reaching a time limit. An operation has been attempted on the presolved problem. Maximum line length is A line in the .MAT or .MPS file has been found to be too long.

Please increase EXTRAELEMS before XPRSreadprob (READPROB) and try again. 416 Invalid bound type passed to . does i can use pool capacity in sap ecc and same can map in apo   Regards Jaisree 0 0 08/20/15--21:39: SPP - DRP Vs ECC-MRP Contact us about this article