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Error Formatting Macro Report-block Java.lang.stackoverflowerror


Issues: com.intellij.psi.PsiInvalidElementAccessException #268 NullPointerException in the plugin #273 Exception in IDEA 13.1 EAP with Cursive 0.1.15 #277 0.1.15 (Feb 12) Notable changes: Update IntelliJ 13 version to work with latest EAP. Keybindings for previous/next REPL history item can be customised. scala> import scala.language.experimental.macros import scala.language.experimental.macros scala> import scala.reflect.macros.Context import scala.reflect.macros.Context scala> import scala.reflect.runtime.universe._ import scala.reflect.runtime.universe._ scala> def oneM(c:Context)(v:c.Expr[Int]):c.Expr[Int]= v oneM: (c: scala.reflect.macros.Context)(v: c.Expr[Int])c.Expr[Int] scala> def one(v:Int) = macro oneM one: (v: IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detailed list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server. get redirected here

Bindings whose names begin with an underscore (_) are not marked. We believe it's as stable as any of the other Clojure editors. Also fixed the misc issues, earlier. Atlassian Documentation  Log in Confluence Knowledge Base 'java.lang.RuntimeException Error rendering template for decorator root' in a Page Symptoms A stack trace error appears when visiting one or more pages, sometimes https://confluence.atlassian.com/confkb/cpu-spike-with-performance-issues-or-crash-due-to-stackoverflowerror-and-childtabsmacro-790632809.html

Error Formatting Macro Report-block Java.lang.stackoverflowerror

That way no information will get leaked out, sensitive or insensitive, and we can make this guideline a rule. I can't change layout ofa theme not in conf admin nor in space admin. PI38596 Hang in findNonNullKeyEntry() OF com.ibm.ws.security.ejb.BeanPermissionRoleMap PI39396 same value is set for LTPAToken and LTPAToken2 cookie in HTTP response PI42153 Retrieve signers from port does not honor the enabled cipher suites Ordered list {blog-posts-report:Title|sort=Time Created desc|maxResults=5|style=ol} and here is the resulting page: attachments-report macroAs with the other report macros, you can generate a report of all the attachments on a single page.

  1. Permalink Feb 18, 2009 Dhruv Mohindra I agree that EXC02-J.
  2. Structural editing now obeys Settings→Editor→Smart Keys→Surround selection on typing quote or brace.
  3. Large overhaul of indexing subsystem.

PM97090 PIPE CHARACTERS ARE TRANSLATED INCORRECTLY WHEN EDITING AN HTTPD.CONF FILE IN THE ADMIN CONSOLE ON Z/OS. PI24328 Same file names when using redirect_server_output_dir function on JES3 system PI27448 Thread hang recovery not terminating a thread in DB2 type 2 driver env with WebSphere for z/OS. I am not sure if I follow your suggestion exactly (specifically the non-const static part). Various exceptions from the tracker fixed.

Completion for CLJS REPLs taken from the open project, not from the REPL itself. Normally you can see all the arguments of a method come in and the return type leave (complication with callbacks, or course), but exceptions fly straight through from any method you Scheduler PI16842 Scheduler misses first time with cron string specification Security PI13266 Node startup may fail when using custom registry PI16641 Add a warning message if the realm name in the https://comalatech.jira.com/wiki/display/META/Confluence+Metadata+Plugin Got it working like that.

Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian Adaptavist.com | Contact Us | Our Services | BlogRegistered in England and Wales #5456785 | VAT Reg. PI45227 Session data is returned after a full 5 second DRS timeout Default Messaging Component PI18320 NullPointerException when service integration bus messaging engine is disabled and enabled,resulting in CWSIP0785W PI31775 JMS PI11745 manageProfle -backupProfile repeats multiple times before completing PI11849 org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.FeatureNotFoundException: Feature 'xmlns' not found error PI12923 NoClassdefFoundError may occur if resources file are invoked in WSFP bundle. Handle additional cases of archive memory leaks.

I was wondering on this point, how could I retrieve the parent/children relationship of a space to another, within a {report} macro? Permalink Like Apr 06, 2010 Unknown User (clentz) Hello, I was using the metada plugin since confluence 2.7.3 ... Error Formatting Macro Report-block Java.lang.stackoverflowerror PI07503 Server identity is used to create the J2C connections while the user identity is expected. Why was this unhelpful?

Something like this: {users-report:User,Location,Email,Extension,Cell Phone} Eventually this will provide a pageable report of all the users, but currently it shows every single user, so be careful! Get More Info First of all: Thanks for this plugin, we are using it to manage project details. If the authors know why not I'd be interested to hear. You simply attach a single piece of space metadata to the home page of the space indicating the key of its parent space.

Note that this example also violates FIO04-J. New Inline refactoring allows let-bindings and do blocks to be inlined. PI53399 Not able to delete a server or cluster PI56357 error message need full path to temp location Transaction Service PI43413 Deadlock in controller due to timing window in the recovery useful reference Lein’s annoying internal memoisation is no longer a problem.

But I guess it suppose to work only in 2.1.3 not 2.1 version, right? Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PI33656 Enhance statement cache multi-thread access detection PM66550 Asynchronous bean threads are not setting the context data properly and causing NMSV0308W PM97050 javax.transaction.TransactionRolledbackException is thrown due to PI45319 NullPointerException appears during partner log recovery processing Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PI35285 WSWS7027E and WSWS7054E errors (WSDL file could not be generated) may

PM99397 Provide TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 protocol support for daemon system SSL PM99608 AdminTask.importSAMLIdpMetadata throws NullPointerException Servlet Engine/Web Container PI08569 404 happens intermittently in Portal/WCM PI09474 Default webapp error page is not

There are eight general Atlassian spaces, two for Bamboo, six for Confluence etc. This plugin allows you to create new parent spaces (say one called "Confluence") and to parent other spaces into I would suggest including the 'Dashboard' link initially until you are ready to give it up. Issues: indentation settings for regular functions #536 Dependency cycle check on namespace load should only check project, not libs #535 Show macro indication in popup documentation #533 Import does not work Probably the best place to put it is in your root space, either on the home page or on an "Administration" subpage._Note: I plan to provide an example page that replicates

New Go To Namespace action. Permalink Jun 12, 2009 Unknown User (jeremymillrood) I'll have our site admin give that a try. You should now always get the exact same dependencies that you would on the command line. this page For users with personal spaces, the metadata is fetched from the space, while for regular users the metadata is fetched from their profile.Here's a sample {users-report:User,Location,Email,Extension,Cell Phone} which produces this result:

Let me know your opinion. All evidence is pointing to catching Throwable in the client code and calling the exception handler on it. The following is a complete listing of fixes for V7.0 with the most recent fix at the top. Security PI08268 Information Disclosure in WebSphere Application Server PI14178 Certificate monitor did not renew chained certificate (not IBM default chained certificate) PI17147 From administrative console unable to view the certificates on

Issues: Delete and backspace don’t work with multiple cursors or column mode #307 Autosave Not Working #309 0.1.18 (March 14) Notable changes: Minor release fixing one regression and fixing compatibility with Indentation settings are persisted properly for non-Project code style schemes. An attacker may craft input arguments to expose internal structures and mechanisms of the application. PI08948 Migrating a library which points to the profile's config directory causes WASpost to fail.

Very weird, and thus not usable in combination with {incoming-links}. The argument for the current classification is that assuming all other rules are enforced (securing the filesystem, sanitizing database inputs...), an attacker cannot do much with the information learned. General PI41965 SAML TAI restores post parameters from original request prematurely PI44309 Thread hang due to the "allow serial access" enabled in session manager PI44494 Message BBOA7102E is seen when variable PM86076 TESTCONNECTION OPERATION OF A ORACLE UCP DATASOURCE FAILED with ClassNotFoundException PM88111 NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION THROWN DURING GETCONNECTION AND WHEN CONNECTION POOL IS FULL PM88798 PASSED THE WRONG VALUE FOR THE TMLCS FLAG.

Issues: NullPointerException in usage statistics code. #749 Cannot start a lein REPL in 0.1.46: ClassNotFoundException from PluginClassLoader #748 CLJS: Finally is highlighted as a syntax error #746 Vectors no longer used or maybe an additional rule (within 49. More on that in a different rule. PI37045 Renewing a personal certificate in RSA token keystore does not update a certificate alias name in security.xml.